Happy YOU day!

You read that right. Today is one of my BFF’s birthdays. I know most people say Happy BIRTHday because duh, you were birthed on that day. However, as I penned an email to her I realized her birth nor mine were all that happy. Without going into too much detail just know neither of us had the Hallmark movie hospital moment. Having a beginning like that molds you differently.

Friends come at all different times of your life. I had a childhood best friend in Korea – Yoo Hee. She was amazing. She was quiet, polite and smart and so funny in her own way. Her mother owned a cold noodle shop and we walked to and from school and enjoyed playing paper dolls and reading together. When Mama moved me to the US I did not even get to say goodbye to her. In 1981 when I finally got to travel back to Korea I met the teenage Yoo Hee and it was a great reunion. We became penpals and the last time I heard from her she had become and English teacher in Korea. Coincidentally I was an English teacher in America. If I return to South Korea next year on vacation I hope to see her again. I have no idea how I will find her but I will try my damnedest.

The friends I had in the US in elementary school and high school are all long and gone. Had Laurence not died, I do believe we would still be friends but other than him, none of my other friendships endured. I met two great friends in college and one reaches out now and then but she has a very busy life caring for a lot of family and friends so we do not connect as much as I would like. It is sad but she knows I love her and I know she loves us and that will have to be enough. We are very different and the differences I think finally made an impact.

The other college friend I met is of course the fabulous JOANNE – you know her – you read her blogs -she’s pretty special right? LOL We have been through a lot of experiences and I know she and I will be friends until one or both of us die and go to the great USS ENTERPRISE in the sky. Hey, it’ s my death fantasy – you pick Heaven, I’ll pick the Enterprise. Don’t judge!

I was really surprised to meet a new best friend in my 40s. NEVER would I have ever thought that I would bond with someone so late in my life. It was as if we had known each other forever. This badass chick has been kicked and pushed down most of her life and she gets up each time and becomes even a bigger badass. No hero worship just truth. She is also flawed. She breaks down too. HOWEVER, she is freaking resilient. We are each other’s “ride-or-die” chick – okay but we are not gangsters so take that with a grain of salt ‘kay? LOL Allow me some literary freedom, will ya?


Starting today for the next 6 months she will be older than me (ha ha – just kidding – but not really). I wished her a happy YOU day via email, her card is in the mail, I sent her a funny sippy cup as a present and we plan to hang out NEXT week to do some in person celebrating. Yay vaccinations!

If you are a woman and you have great best friends count yourself lucky. If you don’t – find one – they are really not that far away. Open your heart and take a chance. If you find a match it is a relationship that will give more than it takes. Thanks to all my friends!

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