Disaster Movies

My husband and I love disaster movies. We like them the best if they are good but even if they are badly made they amuse us. Let me be clear that we do not watch them because we enjoy watching people in peril. I think it is thrilling to see people escape these horrific but unlikely events movie makers love to come up with. On Father’s Day I told my husband to pick a movie to watch with his teenagers and he picked “The Day After Tomorrow”. Not quite what I imagined our family watching on this day of observance but okay. . .

Just in case you don’t know, “The Day After Tomorrow” is a 2004 climate science fiction film. I think it was based on a book about global warming. A young Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this new ice age scenario and I quite like it. Granted the “science” part of the movie is quite inaccurate but the special effects are good enough to warrant a pass on that. I mean, I’m watching it for entertainment not for education after all. I do love a good irony and in the end (SPOILER ALERT) the US ends up storming Mexico and they become illegal immigrants.

The daughters are freshly 12 and midway into age 15. Since it is rated PG -13 I thought it would be okay to warp their fragile little minds. Neither wanted to watch it at the beginning but that is what they always say about every movie – Wonder Woman 1984, Raya and the Last Dragon, etc. Once they watch something for about 15 minutes they are hooked and usually will finish the film with us. This movie was no different. About 30 minutes into the movie the younger daughter plopped her 5ft3 frame of all legs and arms onto her father’s lap as she felt a wee bit worried for the characters. The eldest ever so slightly put her hand on my arm for comfort but they were very interested.


Afterward we had the, “can this really happen” talk and we of course assured them it was very science FICTION while global warming is real, the world is not going to freeze over in a matter of hours. If Rotten Tomatoes is any indication of a film’s worth it did get an audience score of 50% which makes sense. You either like it or not. It’s a popcorn thriller as some critics call it but again, the CGI (which still looked great in 2021) is worth a watch. I, ahem, own the DVD so whatever.

I do not think we harmed the children in viewing this grown up ICE AGE movie and we did spend some time together watching it and talking about it after. Because I’m a good parent, I made sure to visit both girls right before lights out to ask how they felt and they both seemed to be calm. So, that was a relief. We are in a very fun phase of their development in that we can share some of our favorite Sci Fi movies. We are trying to find time to watch Alien with the older daughter. I know THAT one will give her nightmares but still. . .

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2 thoughts on “Disaster Movies

  1. My older sister and husband of 45 years went on their first date to a disaster movie. According to her, she really wanted to see the movie, but had no money. She really didn’t want to go out with that country bumpkin (other term was used), but the desire to see the Poseidon Adventure won.

    Have you guys watched that seventies hokey movie? Maybe there’s something to it😏

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