The Zoo!

So we went to the National zoo. The weather was perfect, no rain, but a little overcast, and warm enough to not need a jacket, but not hot. We were comfortable, and even better, the animals were out because it wasn’t too hot for them. And it wasn’t very crowded!

I remembered something about one subway stop being uphill from the zoo, and one being downhill. The idea is to go to one and then walk down hill to the zoo, and then after the zoo to walk downhill to the other one. Great plan!

So we walked downhill to the zoo. We wandered in, earlier than our tickets said, but no one cared. And the first thing we see is the “Asia Trail” which requires an additional timed ticket, because it includes the pandas and is crazy popular.

There was no one in line, so I walked over to ask the girl if it was possible for us to just look at the other “Asia Trail” animals and skip the pandas, and she told us to come on down, they aren’t busy today. Yay!

I think about how once upon a time I would have looked at the sign, thought “too bad, I don’t have the right pass” and walked on. I’m so glad some where along the way of my life, my friends forced me, and my jobs taught me, and my GS made me comfortable with talking to other people. Because the “Asia Trail” was great. Red pandas, big pandas, elephants, all sorts of fun creatures, all out and about, enjoying the beautiful day.

Michael and I had signed up to do a Zoo Run 5k at the NC zoo. Unfortunately, they canceled it last year, and this year eventually decided to go virtual. So we walked our 5K in the National Zoo. Take that, virtual 5K!!

The only glitch came at the end. I KNEW that if you walked out the exit at the bottom of the zoo, then you just turn left and walk a bit to the next metro station. But I was wrong. You have to walk back to the exit at the top of the zoo, and then turn left and walk downhill to the metro stop.

If you leave from the bottom of the zoo, you actually have to walk 50 million miles uphill to a different metro stop. Ask me how I know.

But in the end, we ended up in a neighborhood I’d never seen, and we did find a restaurant that was open for dining in. So I guess it worked out okay in the end.

After that hike (our total distance walked that day was just short of a 10K) we decided to go back to the hotel and relax. According to the hotel website, under the Covid information, it said the pool was open. That surprised me a bit, but also made me happy. So we threw on bathing suits and went to the pool to find, of course, it was closed due to Covid. Oh, well.

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2 thoughts on “The Zoo!

  1. So glad you and your love are able to travel again. A lot of people are experiencing flight delays and confusing information due to the pandemic. The two times I have been to the DC zoo, the pandas were always packed and I did not get to see them. I’m so glad you included photos!


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