Trip To South Korea Delayed

So much has changed during the pandemic and travel is a big one. It made sense to delay traveling because who wants to get sick or get stuck overseas during a pandemic? No one. So most people have been patient. Traveling has just started domestically for some of my acquaintances and friends and it has been a bumpy ride, pun intended. I would have said it has not been smooth sailing but not many people sail anymore so. . .

One of my friends decided to fly to Florida a couple of months ago and she was delayed many times. They even had to stay and extra day due to flight changes on their way home. They were at Disney so they did not mind too much but it was an added expense and an unplanned delay. You can read about JoAnne’s travels on this blog but she had to drive to DC instead of flying due to airline delays. My neighbor’s trip to see family in IOWA was also delayed due to airline troubles.

SO. . .I did some research and found out that many of the airlines are dealing with labor shortages. Many of the hourly wagers are drawing unemployment or had to see other jobs. We forget it takes more than pilots, co pilots and aerospace engineers to run airports. Airlines need avionic technicians who install, repair and maintain equipment, air traffic controllers, airfield operations specialists, flight attendants of course, aircraft mechanics, aircraft painters (this is not just cosmetic – it is for protection as well), ramp service agents, airline customer service agents, airport ramp agents, airport managers, flight instructors, chefs/cooks, transportation and security screeners. .. and so much more. I think America is finally figuring out that the labor force is important and paying them well is necessary. Hopefully, the minimum wage will be raised and people will be back to work soon.

In light of all this, I have decided not to visit South Korea in 2022 after already cancelling the trip for 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. My one and only trip back after immigrating in 1975 was a trip when I was 13. I was responsible for getting my illiterate mother, my 5 year old sister and my teen self from NC to South Korea and back. It was a memorable trip. I grew up a lot that year. Oh, and NYC Kennedy Airport was on pilot strike on our trip back and we had to deal with an overnight delay – THAT WAS NOT FUN. I will tell you more in another blog.

Seoul, South Korea 1981 vs 2021

I could not go to South Korea with my sister and mother in the 90s, for my uncle’s funeral, because of my job. When I got married there was always talk of visiting Korea but there was always something more important so for 40 years I have not seen any of my Korean relatives. When Daddy died in 2019 I realized that you can’t wait forever to do what you need to do. He never saw Wyoming like he wanted. So I planned this once in a life time trip to South Korea so my husband and my daughters could see where I was born and I could step foot on the motherland one more time. Damn COVID. So I will delay my trip to April 2023. I guess one more year will not kill me. Please universe do me a solid and let me take my trip.

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