The Monuments and Memorials!

Sorry about the finger. Would be a cool photo otherwise. Doh.

Last day in DC – time to go check out some of the monuments and memorials. We started with the Washington Monument, which of course is closed so we couldn’t go inside. But it’s still an interesting structure to check out.

We wandered from there to the WW2 memorial, and then continued along the pathway. Unfortunately, the Korean War memorial was closed for repairs. I always like to go to that one – it’s like you’re just walking along, and then all of a sudden you’re walking along with a bunch of soldiers all around you. My Dad served during the Korean War, although he was on a boat and not actually stationed in Korea. And of course, my bestie is from Korea and I know that although she wasn’t born yet, her life was VERY influenced by that war.

On to the Lincoln Memorial. Looking at that sculpture, reading his words, always makes me wonder how our society might be different if he had not been assassinated. Would we be further along the path to getting rid of racism? I can’t imagine we could be any worse off.

Then we turned around and walked down the other side of the Mall, and stopped at the Vietnam Memorial. Neither of us know anyone who died there, so we didn’t stop. But even just walking by it, seeing name after name after name – it’s depressing, and moving, and makes you wonder why the hell does the USA keep getting involved in pointless wars?

We decided then that a walk to the Jefferson Memorial was too far, but we could walk to the tidal basin and maybe rent a paddle boat. As we walked over there, I needed to use the bathroom, but it seemed closer to just get there than to backtrack.

Well, there is no bathroom at the tidal basin. So then we had to backtrack to a bathroom 15 minutes away. The ladies’ side had a line, of course. The men’s did not, and in fact was empty – but there was someone standing out there telling ladies they couldn’t use it. So I waited in line for a bathroom with only 3 stalls, one was out of order, and one had a door that wouldn’t close. Awesome.

We walked 15 minutes back over to the tidal basin, where now they were no longer letting people take out a boat because it looked like it might rain. So we walked back to the closest metro stop, which took us back past the bathroom I had just used – basically making about an hour of walking feel completely wasted.

But we stopped at the subway station and both started doing serious research for a place for a nice dinner. And we found Zaytinya – a Mediterranean restaurant. It was open, clean and inviting, reasonably priced, and delicious. Score!!

We went back to the hotel and packed, and I fell asleep early, because I was exhausted.

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