Thoughts on our hotel…

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott DC Capitol.

We usually stay at a Marriott out in Dunn Loring, which has always been a nice stay. But because we were flying into Baltimore, the train and metro ride to Dunn Loring would be ridiculously long. So I chose this place, because it would only be an hour to get there.

Like so many buildings in DC, it has a triangular shape. Looking at the little fire exit map on the back of our door, I see the majority of rooms are nice and normal. But not our “Executive King Suite.” No, it was the wonky triangle room.

Now, I’m not OCD like my guy. A little wonky doesn’t bother me, as long as everything makes sense. But this room really didn’t make sense. It was extra big in some areas, like where the couch is, or the sinks in the bathroom. And then it was extra small in other places, like where the bed is. It had a weird wall that came down to one side of the bed, making it challenging to get in, and then leaving no space on that side for a table. (They could have put in a shelf. They should. Everyone wants to put their phone on the table beside them.)

And then the TV was off to the side, so you couldn’t see it easily from the bed or the couch, without cocking your head sideways. If they had put it straight over the couch, it would make more sense, but because that part of the room was unusually big, they would have to put a 70″ TV to make it useful. My guy ended up pulling out the desk chair so he could easily see the TV.

Because we were planning to fly, I didn’t worry about the parking – valet only, $50 a night.

The metro station was literally next door, so that was super convenient. And the room was nice and clean, but fortunately didn’t have an overpowering cleaning chemical smell.

In all, it was a nice place. But if I had known we were going to end up driving, I would have absolutely preferred our regular place in Dunn Loring.

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