Last DC post.

Most important subject – food.

Because of Covid, and their reopening restrictions, we had a hard time with something I thought would be the easiest part of all – finding restaurants. Many had closed. Most of those left hadn’t reopened the dining rooms yet. And we didn’t really want to get food to go, and then schelp it back to the hotel before we could eat. We like to be Covid cautious, but we still want to eat out in a restaurant that is taking appropriate cautions.

First morning, we ended up at a little place that was called a cafe, but was really just a tiny shop in a strip mall making to go food, that had a few tables were you could sit and eat said food.

The egg sandwich and omelet were hot and good, but the hash browns were very disappointing.

Since we usually eat a decent, slightly late breakfast, we often skip lunch and then eat a nice supper. So the first day we started realizing that all the slightly nicer restaurants really just aren’t open. We found a Korean “bowl” place that had a few tables inside, and since we were starved… It was actually a great choice, the food was delicious.

On our second day, we went to Union Market, which wasn’t too far from our hotel, because the website indicated lots of restaurants. They did have lots, but only a few that did breakfast, and most of them kinda weird. My guy really just wants an omelette.

But we did find a doughnut shop, and I got a Creme Brulee doughnut. So the creme inside is like the custard/flan of a creme brulee. And then, while we waited, he lit his torch and caramelized all the sugar on top. It was quite good. I also got a killer cinnamon roll there.

We finally got breakfast at a little Pupusa shop. We were so hungry, I forgot to take pictures…

Sad to say, for supper that night when we came across an IHOP, we ate there. My guy loves their omelets, so I thought he would want one since our breakfasts so far hadn’t panned out for him.

But he surprised me by getting a burger. (I did too.) It was a decent, if uninspired burger. And it was a good price, on sale for $6.

The next morning, I had found a local diner that was known for an old style big breakfast. So I convinced him to go there, and then wait in line for 30 minutes.

The place was packed. There was no social distancing. We were lucky that our waiter bothered to wipe off the counter were we sat.

I had eggs, hashbrowns, and chicken wings. The chicken wings were hot and fresh, and nicely crispy. And I ate a lot of my guy’s waffle. It was a classic style (not Belgian) waffle, and I wished I had gotten one all for myself.

I did give him most of my eggs to make up for it.

Anyway, don’t go here if cleanliness is important to you.

Finally, on our last evening, we nailed it. The type of restaurant that DC usually has all over the place. Clean, good food, expensive but not ridiculous. We found Zaytinya, a Mediterranean restaurant. It was small plates, but it didn’t take much to fill us up. My guy had Lebanese chicken and rice, and I had falafel and french fries.

These fries – omg. Now, I love some french fries. It is rare that I have found a french fry I won’t eat. But these – they set a new standard.

I’ve heard that when you make fresh cut fries, you should double fry them. But no one actually does that. They just cut up a potato and throw it in the grease. And the result is good.

But I’m assuming that these french fries were actually fried twice. It’s the only way I can think of that they got the taste of a fresh fry, and the crispiness of a frozen fry.

And they served it with a yogurt sauce with truffle oil. So much better than ketchup.

Zaytinya – highly recommended.

Anyway, that’s probably way more info than you cared about on our trip to DC. I’m just excited that we actually got to travel somewhere!! Looking forward to our next adventure – whatever that may be!

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