Mini Getaways

Some people prefer long vacations in exotic locale so they can relax. I don’t necessarily need that. Sometimes I just need a different set of walls or just to be away from home so I am not tempted to do chores instead of relaxing. Before COVID that was easier done than said but now it is a little trickier. Still I managed to do an overnight with a BFF on Saturday.

Morganton, NC. I know, it is not the first place you think of when you think about a girls’ night away. LOL We wanted Asheville but it was an hour closer and there was a brand new hotel that would let me use up some of my Marriott points. So, voila! Off to Morganton I went.

It rained a little on the way but by the time we got there is was sunny. You can tell they are trying to revitalize their little “downtown”. There was fresh paint on buildings, the sidewalks were clean and we could see empty buildings waiting for COVID to ease off so people can invest. The stores that were open were fine – nothing exciting. It gave us an excuse to just walk around for 45 minutes. I got thirsty so we sidled into a bar so I could have a hard cider. It was supposed to be raspberry lemonade flavor and the tasting was delish but having a whole glass was a bit tart. It would be really good with a sandwich!

We meandered in Aqua B Boutique. Everything in there was so soft. I picked up an I Love You present for my baby sis and Bonnie bought a couple of things to wear on camera while working virtually. The price point was a little high for my taste (I’m a cheapskate) but Bonnie was in love. They said they had a shop in Morrisville near me so I may have to take my sis there.

We popped into a tiny corner store called HOT BOX VINTAGE on Collett St. and it was spanking clean and adorable. The lady running the store was super sweet. I felt old as I saw stuff that I had in my closet not too long ago. 😦 Mama said there would be days like this. I saw a vintage shirt from Kmart and it made me nostalgic for a hot minute.

We also went inside a place called Merrill Mischief. I thought the name was kind of odd. It was a hybrid candy shop/christmas ornament shop/fudge shop? I thought it was being too many things at once. There was nothing I would buy in the store but Bonnie loves fudge so we waited in line and she got some decent fudge. I tasted it and it was okay but I’m not a big fudge fan so I am not the one to ask.

For the rest of the time we hung around in the extra large hotel room (I got upgraded to a suite) in the new Fairfield Inn by Marriott. It was very clean, because it is new, and we enjoyed watching bad tv while we had a few drinks and snacks.

So it really did not matter that the downtown was small or that it was a boring town. We had a great chat while driving there and back, we got to relax without the people we care for asking us for anything and we enjoyed doing nothing together. Sometimes it does not get much better than that. I can’t wait until JoAnne has time to do a BFF trip with me. I have missed it intensely. Where do you like to go to get away?

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