Holy COW, It Is Hot!

It has been raining a lot in my neck of the woods. We have had very humid hot days and some unseasonably cool days. My friends in the NC mountains have experienced some wacky weather as well. I am most concerned for my friends in the state of Washington. Some dear friends have a small organic dairy farm that has been doing great. This year, Mother Nature decided to throw them a curveball. I am worried for them.

Over 100 degrees for the next 6 days and NO rain!

I taught Virginia when she was a senior. She was an amazing student and a beautiful person. After she graduated college and was visiting home, she asked if we could get a beer. We have been friends ever since then. I truly love her – she is a wonderful human being. Of course she married another great person – Stacy. They both served in the Coast Guard and he recently retired. Their dream was to have an organic dairy and with careful planning, lots of sacrifices, extremely hard work and grit it is a reality.

The only long term goal I ever set and made was to get a full college scholarship and earn a degree. I did that. After that I lived day by day and year by year. I had a hard time setting goals that were long term. For me, there always seemed to be things I needed to get done in the short term blocking me from any long range plans. Hence, I am returning to Korea 40+ years after my last trip and just now writing a book. So, these farmers have my utmost respect.

Check out their beginning story here:

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There are a lot of obstacles for farmers. This year this heat wave is especially scary. They have new calves and the heat will impact their milk production for sure:

Please subscribe to their Youtube channel! It’s fun to see the cows!

Their beginning herd- Daisy, Carnation, Rose and Buttercup reminded me how sweet cows are. No, I’m not vegan and no I’m not a member of PETA so you can relax. I eat burgers but I believe animals that become our food deserve to be taken care off. When they were calves they were so puppy like chasing each other in the field and playing with balls. It took me back to when I used to hang out at my childhood friend Cynthia’s farm. We rode cows and fed calves and they earned my respect as hard working farm animals.

Carnation, Rose and Buttercup all have had two calves and are wonderful mothers. My favorite, Daisy, did not get pregnant the first year and this year had a still born. My heart aches for her. Having had trouble having babies myself, I am even more endeared to this sweet animal. She is also a klutz just like me. Like so many plans, my plans to visit the farm has been derailed for several years because of family health problems and then COVID.

I send the cows hand made cards. Yup, you read that right. LOL Why not? I love making cards and it helped me to stay connected to my friends. Also, it aMOOses me. Haven’t you HERD that crafting is good therapy? Don’t have a COW man, I’m just having fun. I have to MILK it for all it’s worth when I get the chance. I mean, when you have the spotlight you have to grab it by the HORNS, right? Not in the MOOOOd for puns? Okay I will stop. Seriously though, I feel so helpless right now as I can’t do a damn thing to help my friends in Washington. Please watch their Youtube videos and send them good luck and warm regards! Subscribe!

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