Speaking of weddings

I went to a wedding Saturday. It was for a girl I’ve known through belly dance, for about 10 years.

Some weddings really make you wonder why these people are even getting married, because you know it’s not going to work.

This wedding was the opposite, where the couple are such a good match, and so obviously excited to be getting married, that it makes you cry.

Full service dinner

Of course, I always cry at weddings. I used to try to pretend that I wasn’t, because I’m way too tough for that shit. But nowadays I embrace it, and just have a good cry.

The view at this place is superb.

I don’t know why I cry at weddings. (And parades – I always cry at hometown parades). It’s not that I’m jealous, I could get married if I wanted to. I have an amazing guy who will do anything I want.

Maybe it’s just that so many people and so many emotions are flowing, that it just needs to come out somewhere.

Cakes, cupcakes, gluten free cookies, and baklava.

Anyway, this was almost a traditional wedding, which surprised me a bit, because the bride is such a free spirit. Of course, her free spirit showed up in other ways, which made the whole event even more endearing. The whole thing was lovely and fun.

Salmon for supper. (Not pictured: chicken.)

Those traditional trappings and fancy venues don’t come cheaply. I don’t know anything about their families, or their finances. But I looked up wedding costs for this particular venue, and doing a VERY rough estimate in my head, I’m thinking $25,000.

Outdoor patio

And while I enjoyed the ceremony, meal, dancing, and photo booth very much, it boggles my mind.

Beautiful place for a wedding, if you want to spend some money.

Maybe growing up poor, and currently just barely hanging onto middle class status has warped my mind. But the idea of spending that much on a one day big party is just nuts. I could get a new car, or make a down payment on a house, or remodel my current house.

Dana and JoAnne, being silly

I know a couple of people who have taken out second mortgages, so that their daughters could have fancy weddings. And I know at least one of them that eventually declared bankruptcy. For a big fancy party.

The sunset was lovely, too.

I loved Bridgette’s wedding. It was beautiful, and sweet. Maybe she thinks she got talked into spending much more than she needed, and maybe she’s right. But for the most part, she was able to keep it under control, and didn’t give in to all the people who pressured her to do “more.” The park didn’t have a view like this location, but it had a lovely pond, and very nice landscaping, and plenty of trees. She didn’t have a sit down meal, but honestly – her food was better. People didn’t dance on her dance floor – I really don’t remember why, because I love to dance. Maybe because that was before I met my guy, and I felt odd about dancing alone. (I definitely don’t have a problem with that anymore!) Maybe because my favorite dancing buddy is Bridgette, and she was busy.

Sorry, forgot where I was going… Well, anyway. I loved Bridgette’s wedding.

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2 thoughts on “Speaking of weddings

  1. You cry at weddings because your heart is beautiful. I have a sweet picture of us hugging and you being teary and I love it. I knew you were crying because you were happy for me and maybe at the same time because it was the end of an era. But look at us now! You are my forever friend.You were a wonderful bridesmaid and I loved the energy you added to my ceremony. I felt so supported by your love. Thank you for that. The wedding you attended looks lovely. As long as the couple is happy I think that is the most important thing (an oh my goodness that salmon looks delish).

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