Oh my, but it is hot out there. My apologies to Washington and their 100+ degree weather as I complain about our 91 degrees in 62% humidity. It’s relative though, right? My 15 year old daughter needs her Level 1 driving permit so we set out to wait in the walk in line in hopes we would get lucky.

We got there before 5 minutes before they opened and there were already three people ahead of us. From 8am – 9am we saw 15 people who had appointments come an go but our line did not move. A kind person came out to tell us it was hopeless but we smiled and persevered.

I dodged across the road and got the 5 of us ice cream from a nearby coffee shop to cool us down. We were all strangers but I thought it would be kind of mean to eat ice cream in front of them and not offer any. Three of them eagerly accepted the friendly token. The first young lady was a student and she was reading her book patiently. Second in line was a social studies teacher from Holly Springs who needed to renew his CDL so he could drive the bus when needed. The third was a lovely young lady who drove an hour to wait in this line because her town had a line a mile long. My sweet girl was 4th in line. Finally around 9:15 the first person in our line was allowed in. HUZZAH! We felt a wave of hope come across us.

The shade kept moving with the sun and around 10:00AM I was sweating. My daughter sat beneath the umbrella I dug up in the car playing on her phone. The coolness of the ice cream was long gone and around 10:30 I asked her if she wanted to wait until 11 and she said no. So, we came back home to exercise and prepare lunch. We will try to get an appointment online but it looks like there are no openings until August 12. She will be back in school and it will be a pain to get her out and to the appointment in time, but there is not much we can do about it. If they open up more walk in slots, then we will try again while keeping that appointment in our back pocket.

Just so you don’t think I’m a terrible mom, I DID have a June 21 appointment in a town 45 minutes away, but there was a snafu as her high school was closed for the summer and by the time I got anyone to give us the needed paperwork, we missed the appointment. Sigh. What can you do?

People were trying to renew their CDL, their driver’s license, change the address on their license, etc. I did have fun talking to everyone in line and getting to know the new people that had just moved into town. The impromptu ice cream “party” was appreciated and it helped pass the time so it’s not a loss. After all, we are lucky that she really does not HAVE to have a driver’s license. Many teens delay getting theirs anyway.

As soon as I entered the house I was met with the crisp, cold air of our Air Conditioner. I am so very grateful for modern conveniences. After lunch I think I will just sit and enjoy the indoors for a few hours.

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