Mmmm, Massage…

I actually enjoy cruising very much, and look forward to going again someday!

My guy and I went on a cruise shortly after we started dating. The cruise itself was unremarkable. It was long enough ago that they were still doing the dining thing where you ended up sitting with a bunch of people you don’t know – not my favorite, but I can deal with it.

I much prefer the newer trend of “anytime dining”

Anyway, the one thing I remember about that cruise, is the first night at supper, all the people were pretending like they care about the other people, and we were introducing ourselves, and chatting about “what job we do” because in our messed up society, that’s important.

My guy commented that he was a massage therapist. There was a moment of silence, as they all contemplated that. And then, as one, all the women at the table looked at me and said “oh.” And I just nodded.

My guy gives a great massage.

Very few people actually work at a job they love. They do it to earn money. But there are a few people out there that have found the right career. My guy is one of them. He loves giving massages, and he’s very skilled at it. He loves to rub people. (We joke about that a lot.)

Since he actually loves his career, the joy he gets from rubbing people, of course, extends to me. I get a foot rub every night. And I mean a good foot rub, EVERY night. And most nights he also gives me a shoulder/neck rub, to work out all those kinks that I seem to create every day. And I also get a full, 90 minute massage at least every other week. He would do it more often if I asked.

I really am.

I know how lucky I am. I can’t imagine how my body would feel, in a general way, if I didn’t have him working on my problem areas all the time. I feel sorry for people who aren’t dating a massage therapist.

Here is what I can tell you – you probably think that a massage is a treat, a luxury that you don’t need, or can’t afford. And I’m going to tell you – you’re wrong.

Between the everyday stress of life, and especially our careers (the ones that most people don’t love) and then all the little things that add up to pain in the body – a massage is really more of a necessity. As you get older, and hurt your back just by getting out of bed, or limp along with plantar fasciitis, or sleep on your neck wrong, or slump at your computer, or stay up all night completing a project, you just deal with the pain, because that’s just the way things are.

But it’s not the way it has to be. Go out, and find a GOOD massage therapist. One that listens to you, and works on the places that really hurts. Make time to see him or her regularly.

It’s not a splurge. It’s a necessity. It will make your life better.

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3 thoughts on “Mmmm, Massage…

  1. I have had a massage by Jo’s man and I can tell you he is exceptional! If I could afford it I would get one every week! Jo is a lucky gal.


  2. Sounds like you are speaking to me! You are right. I have a sweet guy who would be happy to rub me if I just asked. Great food for thought!

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  3. Thank you for being such a great advocate for getting regular massages and being so supportive of me and my chosen profession! We usually recommend getting a massage at least once a month for maintaining good health, As a minimum, I suggest at least 4 times a year (once every 3 months or the change of the seasons). I know many massage therapists who don’t work on their families, because they gave it all at their office. This to me is a tragedy! These are the people that mean the most to us and we should take special care of them!! Therapists also have to take care of themselves, so that they can take care of those who depend on them!!! I am very lucky to have a job that I love and enjoy doing. I am also extremely lucky to have such a great partner in love and life!!!!

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