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How does your garden grow?

I thought I would share some garden pictures, since it’s been a couple of months.

I always plant a couple of cherry tomatoes on the porch for Mom. She loves to pick them and eat them as fast as she can. I think it’s interesting that 2 of the plants are over 3 feet tall, and 1 of them is barely foot.

I’ve heard the saying (about corn) “knee high by the fourth of July.” I don’t have any corn planted, but my tomatoes are knee high or slightly taller, so I guess maybe it applies.

I feel like my stuff has been growing really slow this year. Maybe because we haven’t had our usual amount of rain – I don’t know. But this last week or two they finally seem to be getting bigger, and blossoming.

Here is my squash and zucchini. Two of my squash plants look good, and 1 (in the center of the first picture) is about 4″ tall, with no extra leaves. Why? It’s the same as the other two, planted at the same time, same dirt, gets the same water and sun. Just weird.

I read somewhere that you could prop all the squash/zucchini plant leaves up inside a tomato cage, and they will take up lots less room in the garden. So I’m trying that this year, but so far only one is close at all to being big enough to prop up the leaves.

Mom loves sugar snap peas, so I always plant them. This year, they have lovely purple flowers on them, so cute! They are a spring crop, so they were planted earlier, and are much bigger than my other stuff. They will also die off in a month or so.

Mmmmm, cucumbers. I love cucumber sandwiches, and mom loves them on salads. I also love making pickles and relish. I have six cucumber plants, and they are just about big enough to start climbing up the cage.

I also have string beans and wax beans, so I can make some 3 bean salad. Yum.

Here’s the new stuff I’m trying this year. So far, I think they are not working well with my style of gardening.

I don’t spray with anything. My stuff is pretty organic. But looking at the leaves on the cabbage and Brussels sprouts, I’m thinking it might be a problem. Something has really enjoyed chewing up those leaves. Oddly, the artichoke plant has been ignored.

Here’s where I get really excited – my fruit trees and bushes and vines. Oh, I love to see baby fruit!!

I think we might finally get a few pears off the pear tree. I’ve had it for years, but it’s never done much. This year it was covered in blossoms, and I found a few fruits hanging around.

Of course, we have tons of raspberries. Tons.

Over the past 3-4 years, my guy has been learning about how to take care of grapes. We have 4-5 vines that were at this house when we bought it in the early 80s, so they are at least 40 years old. But they have been neglected for years. So my guy put up new supports, and every year he learns more about how to care for and prune them. I think he must be on to something.

I hope you enjoy looking at my plants, because I love to show them off!

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