Hurricane Names

Well, here are at the names of this years tropical storms/hurricanes in my area. Right now we are on Elsa and hence, my lawn is getting the rain it needs. Luckily that is all we will get. I hope everyone in her path will be okay. Looking ahead I see my husband’s name on the list. Everyone better watch out because that one could either be sweet and gentle or full on angry. We shall see.

In 1953 the US began using female names for storms. What were they trying to say huh? LOL By 1978 they finally figured out to give the storms male names too. Gotta be fair! I know storms have always been given distinctive names to avoid confusion during communications and that made sense. Giving them human names have some interesting connotations for the human name bearer. Before we used human names we used the year and the order in which they occurred. I think names are easier to remember. Who has forgotten Hurricane Andrew, Fran or Katrina?

I always keep an eye out for a storm named like me. I know Bridget has been used for three tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and once for a tropical cyclone in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. Bridget works better for fires so I can understand if people are not apt to use it for storms. We should start naming fires that ravage our lands.

The World Meteorological Organization follows some really specific guidelines when they name storms. For Atlantic hurricanes they use a list of names on a 6 year rotation. Did you know they “retire” names of storms that have caused too much destruction? I sure hope we will never see another Katrina – that was a devastating storm to say the least.

When there is a year where there are more storms than human names, they go to the Greek Alphabet. In the past 15 years it has happened twice and I have a feeling with the way climate change is happening, it will be occurring more frequently. I am not sure if it is a good idea to use the Greek Alphabet. Not everyone really understands what they are and some of the letters sound too similar to me.

2020 had a lot of storms, remember? Too many for my taste:

Zeta, Eta and Theta sound too alike

As I look out the window while typing this post and see the cloudy sky and the rain falling on all my plants, I am thankful for the rain while so many of our states are experiencing a terrible drought. Wherever you are, hang in there and I will hope for the best. Stay safe!

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