Might As Well Laugh About It

I love this blog. Is it weird to blog about the blog? When blogs began in the mid 90’s it was not even called a blog. It was called a personal homepage. Now there are MILLIONS of blogs on the internet today. You can blog on Tumblr, Squarespace, WordPress or so many other places. It has taken a firm root in our modern culture. I remember when I started having children, mommy blogs were really popular and a lot of people asked me to blog but I was too busy freaking out about my babies to blog. LOL

Then, companies realized the power of blogging and hired bloggers to advertise for them. I was offered a chance to get on this boat but once again, I was so busy trying to balance two children, help my bipolar husband, stay glued emotionally myself, etc. to spend time blogging about products I truly did not care about. My friends also insisted I needed to blog because I was a decent writer but I did not listen.


So why am I blogging now so late into the game? Because my BFF wanted to, duh! It’s been a great experience and turns out all my friends were right. I should have been blogging all along. I am always late to the game though, and I do not expect any revenue from this hobby. I am surprised how much I like it though.

It’s like a diary of sorts and much less stressful than social media platforms like FaceBook. I like that we are not very popular at the moment because our audience is small enough that we have not gotten any nasty negative comments yet. Yay (knocks on wood). Even though our blog was named to laugh about our woes and just enjoy talking about life, I have of course used the platform to talk about what is important to me – mental health, my family and friendship. So sometimes it involved things that were not funny or things I was not able to laugh about yet.

This blog has really whetted my appetite for writing and I am so grateful. I think my book will be better for it. Once I publish my book FINALLY this fall, I plan to have a separate blog as a writer and blog about writing and my books and all that. So I am super excited about that venture.

It has also made me look deeper into my heart. My grief about my father’s loss has been lessened as I write a bit about it here and there. I have also discovered that I have suppressed my childhood trauma and never dealt with the heart of it. So I will begin that journey with my therapist and I hope it will bring me some closure on that chapter.

Photo from https://www.drshier.com/childhood-trauma-depression/

So, if you always wanted to blog but didn’t – do it. It’s good for you. You don’t have to be an expert in anything – just be YOU. Do it for YOU. It’s a great platform for thinking out loud. I tried to make it too hard and didn’t get into it until way too late. Don’t be me. Take the plunge. Writing is good. Good luck!

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