If a study of meme exists I think my teenaged daughters would major in it. It is amazing how much MEMEs have infiltrated and taken over their conversations. If they are not talking about a meme they are using a meme to explain something. What is funny is that they have no clue where the original image, video or piece of text is from. Hilarious.

My oldest is too much like I used to be as a kid. She is very rules oriented and hates change and likes order. So when she joined a FIRST Robotics team I was not sure how she would evolve. I’m happy to say that she found her “people” and now is sarcastic with a terrific dry sense of humor. She came home using a lot of quotes from Monty Python. I knew she had never watched any of it. One day she innocently asked, “But WHY were they asking for a shrubbery?” My husband jumped right on that and showed her The Holy Grail. It was so satisfying to watch her watch it LOL.

I do love that the “kids these days” manage to make it their own. I would much rather hear my daughters quote Monty Python than say YEET, YOINK and Ye. My husband is more than thrilled that one of our kids is finally old enough to watch some of the things we have watched. She will fight us tooth and nail and insist she is not interested EVERY SINGLE TIME and then at the end of the movie she will comment, “Oh, I’m glad you made me watch that. Now I understand X or that was really good for an old movie.” LOL I’m not really laughing, I am crying on the inside.

We decided to take it up a notch and show her ALIEN. This would be her first real sci fi horror so we invited her BFF to join us since he had not seen it either. Of course both of them had constantly used memes from it.

Don’t worry, we watched it during the day and I did let her hold my hand. . erhm foot when it got intense. She squirmed in the recliner a lot but both of them said it was cool. I have no idea if they had nightmares but I think they liked it?

Memes are not just for kids. Our core group of besties share a lot on text as well. I think JoAnne should be crowned the queen of memes. Man, does she have some good ones saved up. I woke up this morning to a bunch of them and they made me laugh out loud for real. Memes are here to stay I think. We Might As Well Laugh About It.

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