Special Day With Grammom

Grandmothers can be magic. I had a fantastic relationship with my maternal grandmother. Turns out she was a “step”grandmother but I never knew that until way after she passed away. She is the reason I am relatively sane. I know how to love because of her. I know what it is to be loved because of her. Where my mother failed, she lifted me up and filled the many vacancies that were left. In short, my Korean Grandmother holds SAINT status in my eyes.

My husband’s mother is a devoted grandmother. Although she is a very busy, successful chairperson at a university, she makes time for all eight of her grandchildren. I admire her for this. I know I couldn’t (wouldn’t) do it, but it seems to give her satisfaction. She will go out of her way to make sure each grandkid gets a “special day with grammom” sometime in the summer.

Because of the pandemic, we of course, did not see her for over a year. We finally dined together outdoors in early June to celebrate my youngest’s birthday but today is the first time she has come to our home since COVID began. My youngest was chomping at the bit until she showed up. It was delightful to hear her yell, “Grammom” as she ran to greet her in the driveway.

The oldest daughter chose swimming. She wanted to go to our HOA pool and swim with Grammom. Grammom loves the water so that was a win win. They will spend a couple of hours having a grand old time at the pool. We will all meet for lunch at a local Mexican joint and then Grammom will take the youngest daughter shopping because they both love to shop. It will be Summer’s first time going to a mall in 2 years. Once they return, Grammom will drive to Hickory, NC to catch the last baseball game her grandson is playing. She is one dedicated woman! =)

So true!

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