Birthday Cake

Traditions in my family – the birthday cake is a surprise. You can’t see it until Mom carries it out, all aglow with candles.

This has been previously discussed in The Cake Slap. The traditions in Bridgette’s husband’s household growing up were different from mine. They took an active part in choosing and creating their cake. So when he tried to look at the cake I made him for his birthday a long time ago, I slapped his hand away. The repercussions are still being felt to this day.

My birthday was this week. My guy asked me what kind of cake I wanted, and I told him I wanted to make my own cake. He thought that sounded fine.

My Mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted her to get me, and when I told her I planned on making my own cake, she kinda freaked out a little bit. In the end, she accepted my logic, but it was hard for her, because that is not our tradition.

My logic – Neither my guy nor my mother is going to bake a cake for me. So any cake they get will be store bought. I don’t want a store bought cake. I want a homemade strawberry cream cheese poke cake. But fortunately, I know someone who likes to bake, and doesn’t get the opportunity very often – me. So, I went against tradition, had fun baking my own cake, and have enjoyed eating it very much. Thank you, Bridgette’s husband, for helping me be more open minded about traditions, and hopefully in general.

Tangent alert! – Isn’t funny how when you are a kid, and all you get is homemade stuff because your family is poor, and all you can think of is getting something store bought? I remember wanting a store bought Halloween costume, or store bought birthday cake, or store bought frozen french fries. And now as an adult, the only good costumes are hand made, a homemade cake tastes so much better, and hand cut potatoes are such good french fries. Anyway.

So I have been thinking about jello poke cakes for a while, because I always thought they were so good, but nobody makes them any more. When I went searching for a recipe, I found this strawberry cream cheese cake, and that’s what I made myself.

There are a few “pokes”

I seem to be inherently unable to follow a recipe, because I always know better. (yea, right.) But despite that, the cake did turn out delicious.

I wanted a layer cake, because they are fancier. But that made it harder to get the strawberry fluid to stay in place long enough to soak in. And the recipe said to poke the cake with the end of a wooden spoon, and that sounded more like a smash than a poke, so I used a chopstick. End result, I didn’t get as much stuff down inside my cake. But there was plenty on top, and lots of whipped topping (have you ever tried TruWhip?) and the cake was very moist, so it was all good.

But we still put on candles, and my guy carried it out while everyone sang. So I guess some traditions are safe.

Yes, I forgot to buy candles, so we had to mix and match.

Happy birthday to me!

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One thought on “Birthday Cake

  1. I could and would make you a cake (I can follow a recipe), but I know that you enjoy baking and your cakes are always delicious! It is cleaning up the resulting mess that you don’t like, so I will gladly do that for you and let you be creative!! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!!


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