An Ode To My Cat

Ivan, Oh Ivan how I love you so
I love you from your head to your toe.
From your first meow in the morning
Until your purrs at night,
I love you love you with all my might.

Okay, okay so that poem is lousy but my cat is AMAZING. During the pandemic he kept us sane and every day, he is just a joy to have around. He does not ask for much – clean water, a bowl full of kibble, num nums now and then and some pets. For that, he gives us cuddles, hugs and cute antics that make us laugh.

I have been dealing with a lot of emotion lately and I’m trying to get a grip on it. Just when I think that I don’t want to deal with whatever is bothering me he just seems to know and he plops himself on my lap or head butts me to demand a pet or meows very loudly so I will give him a treat. I hope you have the love of a pet and if you don’t go to the nearest shelter and meet the furry therapists and bring one home! You will not regret it!

Published by bridgey1967

Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving. Creative. Survivor.

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