Cleaning Automobiles

Is your car clean or is it a garbage can on 4 wheels? I’m not judging or shaming – I’m just wondering. My car is normally clean of garbage but could always use a good dusting and polishing on the inside. The outside gets ignored unless I happen to run it through an automatic wash cycle at a gas station. I’m not one to wax and fuss over how shiny my tires are.

When I worked at the urology clinic, we had a company that would come to our parking lot every two weeks and for $25-$35 they would vacuum, wipe the interior and wash and dry your car. It was a STEAL! I was in charge of gathering everyone’s keys and they could only do so many but it was a really nice perk to working. When I stopped working there after 4 years, I got lazy.

Dad left me his car after he passed away and it was spotless. Now, I am seeing the wear and dirt of hauling groceries, kids, pool stuff, even wood chips. Then COVID happened so I did not want anyone cleaning my car. I really need to take it in and get it detailed. I keep finding wood chips here and there from my very poor attempt at vacuuming.

I just have to get my lazy butt to a place. I dread it because places are either awesome with COVID protocol or just horrible. On top of that the labor force is really thin which means I may get someone that is not very experienced. So is it worth it right now? I’m not sure.

I would push my kids into doing it but they are not good at the detailing stuff. They are pretty good with washing windows and spraying the car with water but that’s about it. I’m not as spry as I used to be and with my stiff joints it is a bear to do myself. Maybe if I just complain and whine some more on this blog a car washing fairy will appear and just do it for me? Hey, I can hope. LOL

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