Back To School After A Pandemic

Today is the day. My 15 year old is venturing back to high school as a Sophomore. It has been a very disturbing, surreal year and a half for all of us. The uncertainty, the fear of COVID, the racial tensions, the protests, the Asian hate, more protests. . .it has been a lot to deal with for all of us but a tender teenager? I can not imagine what is going through her brain right now.

I took her to the beach for the weekend before in hopes that it would help her relax. It worked. It was wondrous to hear her squeal and laugh while body boarding. Even when she was grumpy from lack of sleep because our seaside hotel was less than stellar (to be kind) she was still more relaxed than she had been for many months.

She tried the body board for the first time and loved it!

Last night she began to get nervous and irritated so I made her some herbal calm tea and assured her she was going to be just fine. If not, she will be in the company of a thousand kids who felt the same way. I told her our only expectation was that she would complete her day at school.

She woke up this morning to a nose bleed. I figured after 3 days of ocean water, pool water and hotel AC her sinuses were pretty beat up. I’m happy to say she calmly took care of it on her own and is now slowly getting ready for the 30 minute ride to her school. Why in the world are we still making high schoolers get up so early? They need their sleep and yet, her school day rings in at 7:30 AM. CRAZY!

I plan to drop her off around 7:15. She is a pack your lunch gal, but she is going to try the school lunch for the first week and see if she is okay with it. She is very health conscious and likes a variety of fruits and veggies so I am almost positive she will ask for packed lunches again. I will be happy to provide but I thought it would be easiest for her to do a school lunch for now. I have packed her herbal tea for calming her nerves. She knows one sophomore from the neighborhood, she has several friends from Robotics and she met a couple of people during orientation.

I hope she stays calm all day – there will be a ton of information tossed her way. No one really knows what they are doing right now. The administration, the teachers, the staff AND the students all have “battle fatigue” for a lack of a better phrase. I am hoping everyone will keep their cool. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out – sorry – that was for me. I’m going to try to keep myself together for the next 8 hours. LOL

I wish I could still cross my legs. . .

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