Avocado Toast

Really? Am I really about to write a blog post about toast? Yup. I know I’m really late to the game as it was a trend in 2010 but did you know people have been eating it forever? And why not? We have been adding anything and everthing to toast forever so it is no surprise that some chef somewhere in the 70s put avocado slices, salt and pepper on a piece of toast and decreed it was delicious. I don’t know who wants credit to be the first but I’ll take up the rear.

I’ve had avocado toast in many forms over the years as I enjoy breakfast foods in cafes at all times of the day. My sister mentioned that she wanted some when we were at the beach so of course I found a place. I put avocado toast in the Yelp search box and found Malama Cafe within walking distance from our hotel in Carolina Beach. They are a locally owned coffee shop that serves fresh and healthy food. Malama is a Hawaiian word meaning to care for oneself. I was stoked to find something not greasy at the beach! My sister enjoyed her toast and I loved my wrap. I will be sure to get breakfast there next time I am in the area.

When I returned home I decided I wanted avocado toast so I made some. It’s so easy! I went to Aldi and bought some whole grain brain, a nice ripe avocado, eggs and everything bagel seasoning and I must say we really enjoyed it!

I had some sun-dried tomatoes from Trader Joe’s so I added some and I thought that was lovely. My eldest teen loves guacamole so I talked her into trying some. She didn’t rave about it so I guess it was a meh on her meter. She loves egg salad so I was sure she would love that one but she didn’t have much to say. I certainly enjoyed mine.

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