A tomato is something I can eat a lot of if it is homegrown, never been refrigerated and beefy. Don’t get me wrong, when it is not tomato season, I still eat grocery tomatoes. I have a preference – I’m not a snob.

I tried to grow cherry tomatoes this year and they sprouted beautifully and then got stunted when we had a cold spell. I even waited until the last frost but when the temps dipped really low they seemed unhappy about it. They have gotten plenty of sunshine and water but they just refused to grow. Twas so sad.

Enter my good friend who has a garden. Last year she was very ill and did not tend her garden much and the few tomato plants she had grew very little tomatoes. So this year she planted three times as many and they are LOADED to the gills with fruit!


Also, for the first time this year, she put down cardboard and she had wayyyyyyy less weeding to do. I have been the lucky recipient of many tomatoes already. So, I have eaten BTTs (like BLT but twice the tomato and no lettuce), Avocado toast with tomato, sliced tomato with olive oil and seasoning, chunked tomato with brown sugar for dessert (they ARE berries, don’t you know?) and tonight I am baking sliced tomatoes on top of homemade basil bread and making “pizzas”. I have two green tomatoes that I plan to fry tomorrow. I am in tomato heaven!

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