Grits Are Not A Substitute For Cornmeal!

Okay, okay – I’m a pretty fine cook by most standards. I really am. I can roast a mean standing beef rib roast, I make delicious vegetarian dishes even meat eaters crave, I’m a whiz with a Korean cookbook but for some reason, if it involves flour I am an EPIC FAIL. I know better than to try baking bread, making cakes from scratch or making homemade gravy from my past experiences but I keep messing up when trying to fry as well. Sigh.

Yesterday I was craving fried green tomatoes. I had two perfect specimens ready to fry so I gathered the other ingredients. The recipe called for wheat flour. Shoot, I just threw away the 5 year past expiration date bag of flour last month. What do do? Oh look, korean potato flour. It has wheat and potato that should work. Next I needed cornmeal. Damn it, I threw that away too. After Daddy died, I never used cornmeal so I did not bother replacing the expired bag I threw away. I looked around and saw my husband’s grits (yuk). Grits are grown corn, right? Same thing. Check! I had egg, milk, seasonings so I was ready.

I sliced the beautiful green tomatoes, I beat the eggs furiously and added some milk and beat it some more. I put a plate of Korean Potato flour mix onto a plate. I put the grits and other seasonings on another plate and mixed well. I dredged, dipped, coated and fried them perfectly. They smelled fantastic!

Looks and smells good!

I could hardly wait for them to cool. I eagerly cut into one of the slices and put it in my mouth. Mmmmmblech! It was like biting down onto sand. OMG it was awful. I don’t know what went wrong. Grits and corn meal are practically the same thing albeit grits have a coarser ground. The Korean potato flour is simply wheat flour, potato flour and potato starch, so that should have made no difference. I used good oil and a nonstick electric skillet.

The Spruce Eats / Elnora Turner

Turns out cornmeal is made from a different kind of corn than grits. Grits are made from hominy which is a field corn. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t mind field corn, but I think that since it was intended to be cooked as a mush, it was just too dry and hard for my delicate frying. Oh well, live and learn. I should know by now that any cooking with flour is going to end badly for me.

The Spruce Eats / Ellen Lindner

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