Things That Go Munch In The Night

We have a night thief. I love feeding birds but squirrels are pigs so we invested in a squirrel proof feeder. It worked great. They get frustrated but do not eat anything but the crumbs thrown down by the greedy Nuthatches. I have really enjoyed seeing the myriad of birds flock to our feeder. Our hummingbird feeder attracts 2-4 hummers every morning and at dusk so I am thrilled. THEN, I noticed the feeder was emptying too quickly.

I did a few experiments. When I filled the feeder in the morning, it was fine all day and then overnight it was empty. When I refilled the feeder at supper time it was completely drained by morning. Hmmmmm. Methinks it is a nocturnal animal. The bird feeder claims to be squirrel proof but is it opossum or raccoon proof? Is ANYTHING raccoon proof?

We have a ton of new construction in our area and we have seen deer and rabbits displaced so I am not surprised other wildlife are moving in. We have always had coyotes (I despise them) but I am seeing more and more critters bravely come to my deck and eat my pitiful attempts at container gardening.

Birdseed costs money so as much as I would love to help the other animals out I have to figure a cheaper way to help them. After some research online I have a few options:

  • Take in the bird feeder in every night – ugh what a bother
  • Buy baffles – more $ to invest just to see pretty birds eat
  • Set out cheap cat food in a bowl AWAY from the bird feeder to entice the little boogers to eat something else. They are not finicky and there are some really cheap cat kibble out there.
  • Add hot pepper to the bird feed to discourage mammals from eating the seeds.

I sent out an email to the family to see what they wanted to try. I would hate to stop feeding the birds. The rabbits also enjoy whatever drops and they also eat the fresh greens when the seeds germinate. I’m not sure what we will do, but my heart goes out to all the wild critters. I know they are desperate to come looking in our very big and busy subdivision.

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One thought on “Things That Go Munch In The Night

  1. Ah, love raccoons, but they can be pigs too for sure haha. We used to get a dozen or more hanging out at our old place in the boonies, which had a massive deck the size of a helipad. I think they considered it a sanctuary from the coyotes, and I was alright with that, minus the chaos. Like puppies and kittens that can pick stuff up and open things. But they kept the rattlers away, at least.

    Some were very friendly, though I didn’t touch them. One–a female–that I saved when she was young for a bullying male would come around and sit right next to me, scratching her butt and just looking off into the distance in very human-like way. She’d scare off ones she didn’t like around me as she got bigger and eventually became the Boss. Then a baby skunk and a neighbor’s cat would join us each night, and it would be like the wildlife block party. I’d even catch some raccoons climbing on a rock by my bedroom window to look in at me, like a troop of Peeping Toms. Was pretty hilarious.

    But, man, were they messy. They’re also too clever. I used to watch the youngins that my favorite raccoon had brought around a few years later opening the grill, and they would do their best to open up the hose bib and propane tanks, too haha. Luckily, they never figured it out and lacked opposable thumbs, but they would if they could. They’re supposedly as smart as chimps, by the way, and I believe it.

    I’d avoid leaving the cat food out unless you want them coming ’round and potentially bringing their pals and their children, and their children’s children, and then their children’s children. I’ve also seen a few mack on peppers, so not sure that would work. They love grapes, though, and it’s hilarious to watch them eat one. I think I act that way whenever I bite into my favorite dessert.

    Bringing the feeders in sounds like the best option, or maybe using a very thin and tall metal Shepard’s hook they can’t climb up that’s well away from other structures. Baffles likely won’t work. At the very least, they’d treat it like a toy.

    If they’re going for the hummingbird feeder, Amazon has a window suction cup one that I actually love using because you can see them come right up to the window and get the ultimate view. I think the brand is Aspect, which I wanted to review eventually but have not had the chance. It may help to get a window suction cup one food the birdseed too, come to think of it.

    Good luck! Really! 🙂

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