Made some relish!

Beautiful chopped veggies

Out of all the stuff I preserve, relish has to be one of the most tedious. Chop a ton of vegetables, salt and wait, rinse several times, and then squeeze out the excess liquid – it’s all very time consuming. And I don’t like the veggies chopped by a food processor or chopper – it’s too inconsistent.

Still pretty as it starts cooking

But recently I was making some macaroni salad, and realized I was out of relish. And I was so sad – I love that stuff so much. Sadly, my cucumber plants have kind of fizzled out, so I was worried I wouldn’t get to make any this year. So when a friend recently gave me a pile of cucumbers, I knew it was time.

I think it’s so pretty, all the colors mixed together! It doesn’t stay so vibrant after it’s cooked, but it’s still pretty. And tastes good, too.

As always, if anyone wants more info on the actual making of my relish, just ask!!!

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