Making Money At Home

We all know what pyramid schemes are and we stay away from them because we are not stupid. However, MLM (multi-level marketing) can also be harmful, yet many people are involved with them. The very successful companies have revenues in the BILLIONS but what they don’t tell you is that only the top tier really make any money. I don’t like how so many MLMs target vulnerable women who are seeking income beyond the full time job. They need flexibility as they haul their kids to school or may be caring for an elderly parent or simply physically/mentally unable to meet the demand of a full time job.

Everyone knows who Amway and Avon are. Amway has always been fishy to me and I’ve never bought their products. It seemed every middle aged or older woman I knew growing up sold Avon. I didn’t wear makeup but boy I loved it when Mom would bring home a catalog so I could look at all the junk. I know people firsthand who made a modest income selling Avon so I guess they were not evil. Mary Kay seems to lean toward a slightly younger demographic and one of my classmates even got to the level of driving one of those hideous pink cars. She was a born salesperson though and she continued in radio advertisement sales and made a really great income.

I am a good sales person but I have to truly believe in a product to sell it and I have not found anything that I am that passionate about. However, I have attended plenty of “parties”/sales pitches to support friends and family. I’ve been to Tupperware, Mary Kay, Discovery Toys, LulaRoe, Market America, Pampered Chef and Usborne Publishing “parties” just to name a few. I love that they are called parties to make them seem more festive. LOL I did buy a couple of Tupperware because they had sponge bob stuff and I have to say after 13 years they are still holding up. I always thought Pampered Chef was ridiculously overpriced but went to the parties anyway to support my friends. I bought nothing but the hostess always gave me something because she said I made it more fun. LOL My sister has supported so many of her friends who sold LulaRoe and Thiry-One, my closet is full of items.

I think the only MLM I have bought the most from was STAMPIN UP. After I bought a few essentials though, I figured out quickly that I could buy very similar stamps on directly from Chinese vendors and never looked back. It is really hard to be loyal to a brand that overprices their items no matter how “great” they are. My demonstrator friends make very little money with SU and mainly do it to get discounted products to feed their crafting habit. I have stopped buying tools and now plan to make cards with what I have. I’ve been asked to sell my cards and I am considering it. For me, what I have invested has more than paid for itself in terms of saving money on manufactured cards, being able to recycle paper and being able to have a creative outlet. The key is to not buy everything they are selling.

Honestly, we all would like to earn some residual income or make extra money without a lot of effort. Unless you are born with a trust fund, extra money is very appealing. I am talented in many aspects but I can’t seem to bring myself to find something that will work for me and worth the effort. I make beautiful cards, but would anyone really pay the amount that would cover costs of material AND my artistry? So I tap tap tap away at my keyboard to finish my book in hopes that maybe, just maybe it will resonate with enough people to bring me an income.

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