Sleep Study Part Deux

Yes, boys and girls, it is the exciting chronicle of Bridgette’s health! I got the joy of staying at the luxurious Millennium hotel once more. Honestly you would think Duke Hospital could have a more updated place for their sleep studies! The old headboard on the bed alone, is enough to keep you up at night!

Saturday morning I had to go to an approved facility to get a rapid COVID test so I would not expose anyone at the lab. Seems to make sense since they have to deal with people very close to their faces and it is all about BREATHING. Once the nurse found my brain through my nostril and turned in the test, it was negative so yay for that. Sidenote – if medical people are being this careful you might want to be as well – just sayin’.

Last night I went in for the second part of the sleep study which entails them trying out different levels of pressure on the CPAPS I will be trying. I’m claustrophobic so I was hoping we have advanced enough to get me a smaller piece for my face/nose/mouth whatever is indicated. The one my husband uses is HUGE and I don’t think I can deal with that. But he swears he sleeps so much better he hardly notices. But we are also talking about a man who punches me in his sleep AND calls out to fictional tv characters!

They plugged in just as many wires as the last time and I got the very pleasant tech that I enjoyed working with previously. The very first CPAP mask they put on me was a good fit and it only goes over my nose. The silicone is very flexible and I was surprised that I was not bothered by it. Of course I could have been simply distracted with all the OTHER WIRES:

Much more relaxed this time around!

I did not have nightmares or night terrors this time around. I still had a hard time falling asleep but once I fell asleep he only had to interrupt me once to make sure the wires were intact. Otherwise he said I slept on my back and only turn slightly on my side and not all the way like before. He said I averaged 5-6 hours of good sleep so I will great about that. Frankly, when he woke me up I had no idea I had slept all night and could have slept a couple of more hours.

So I drove home, showered and here I am telling you about my experience. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or you suspect you might suffer from it, have the study so you know what you are dealing with. I am hoping that this along with my therapy and hopefully the medication I am trying to get my insurance to cough up, I may be able to lose some weight and become healthier. I’m looking forward to better sleep for sure.

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