Clothes Never Fit Me

Do you know why I wear mostly T shirts and stretch jeans? It is not because I am lazy or do not care about my appearance. . .well not really – I do not place a high value on physical appearance. Nevertheless, I mostly wear casual clothes because nothing really seems to fit me right.

I am 5 ft 1, hourglass figure (when I’m not overweight), my fat is always on my belly, my arms and legs are not fat even when I am at my highest weight, I have a short waist – almost non existent, I have average to big ankles and wrists and my hands are size large, my calves are very pronounced and muscular, my head is huge and my feet are size 8.5 US.

Yes, you are correct, when I am in shape I fit better into clothes but I’m telling you that even when I was 135 lbs clothes did not fit me right. I am not the average woman in the US so everything was too long or too big in the butt or too small in the bust and all the sleeves were always too long. Luckily I run hot so I wore shorts sleeves all year round and put on a cardigan when it got cool.

Having clothes fit you is important. I HATED shopping for special occasion dresses. These were the WORST. Prom, homecoming, formals in college, bridesmaid duty and then the big one – the wedding dress were all horrible experiences and I did not feel beautiful in anything I wore. I was uncomfortable and I was always tugging and pulling. On top of that they were so expensive that I felt cheated I had to even buy something that ill fitting.

When I gave birth to two daughters I said to no one in particular, “Please don’t let them have my body!”. So far so good. My oldest has stopped growing at 5 ft 1 inch but she has a longer torso (thanks to her father) she seems to be on the smaller size in the bust (whew!), and she is lean. Everything looks good on her thankfully. My younger girl has really long arms and legs, an even longer torso, a nice long neck and a cute booty that pops out just the right amount (thanks to her father). She did get a bigger present from the boob fairy but it looks great on her. Clothes fit her great as long as there are no buttons on the shirt. Most 12 year olds have no problem wearing buttoned shirts but they gap on her because they are not cut to fit a busty girl.

Look at how the same outfits fit two bodies so differently!

I LOVED it when clothes were tailored to fit me. In South Korea, we were wealthy enough to have all my clothes made. I was a little fashion plate. Mom had pantsuits made, dresses, rompers, the whole nine yards. We moved to the US and lived at the poverty level so I was wearing yard sale clothes and mismatched everything. I stuck to sweats, jeans and t shirts and called it a day. My kids live a middle class lifestyle (thanks to their father) so Old Navy, Target and Amazon provides them fashionable clothes at a decent price.

Their friends who are on the fluffier end are not faring as well. They have to wear women’s sizes which may fit their bigger middle or their bustier top but they tend to be too long or hang like tents. The fashion industry is really messed up and if these bigger girls want clothes that look nice AND fit, they have to shell out major bucks.

So you can imagine my giddiness when one of my favorite people whispered in my ear that she might be making clothes for these kids. O.M.G. sign me up to help in ANY way. I know two girls in our circle that would love something like this. I’m hoping she will want to make clothes for old people like me too! LOL If anyone can succeed in a venture like this, SHE can!


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