Mask Upkeep

Five years ago if you were to tell me that part of my laundry routine would be hand washing masks and drying them on the line I would have laughed in your face. But here I am in August 2021 doing exactly that. Yes, yes, I tried washing them in the washer with one of those delicate “bags” but they just got all squished and I would have to spend time messing with them. So, now I hand wash in the sink and drip dry. Much better method.

I thought 2020 was pretty bad and in comparison I guess 2021 is not THAT bad. After all, we have the vaccine, most people seem to understand how masks work and we seem to have figured out how to take care of the people once they get the virus. However, now more children are attending school in person.

I have to say I am regretting choosing in person schooling. I weighed everything out and both kids really yearned to be in person so for their mental health I relented. Now I have sleepless nights as I think about all the exposure they are getting. Call me overly cautious but my sister is working overtime in a huge hospital because there is an uptick in COVID cases and too many of them are kids. True, they are mostly the unvaccinated but some are vaccinated. Will my kid be that one that develops a horrible lung infection as a side effect of this virus? I don’t know.

So I buy them masks. My fashion conscious younger daughter wanted masks that were “cool”. My surly older daughter didn’t want anything too cutesier unless it has a cat. Cats are always cool with her. I have been looking for Japanese print ones for her as well as she is currently OBSESSED with her Japanese language class.

I will gladly wash every mask they use and I hope they continue to be diligent. So far none of us have contracted COVID so I will assume we are doing al the right things. We are fully vaccinated, we do not attend parties or events that are indoors. We avoid big events outdoors. Even when we go to the outdoor farmer’s market we wear our masks. I cook more and we do less takeout. Others may frown on our way of handling the situation but it is what makes us the most comfortable.

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