Mother Nature

I think there is good reason Nature is labeled as “Mother”. You’ve heard the adage that if mother is not happy no one is? Well, Mother Nature IS.NOT.HAPPY. I’m no end of the world bell ringer, but I’m pretty sure we have screwed up royally.

The floods in Waverly, NC and Middle Tennessee were fast and furious. It’s been 50+ years since those places have had any flooding much less the devastation they witnessed. California always has fires but the rate and severity is obviously has changed. In the past 5 years the average has been 5,886 fires burning roughly 65,740 acres. In 2020 ALONE there were 7,347 fires and in 2021 we have already had 6,739 fires. Both years burned over 1,500,000 acres. I am no scientist or statistician but you do not have to be to see this trend.

On the flip side the Antarctic ozone hole CLOSED at the end of 2020. See what staying home more does for us?

Now Ida is flooding and battling poor Louisiana. The hurricane winds ripped roofs from buildings, toppled trees and flooded different parts of the state.

You know how when some moms get mad at you after the 100th time of asking you to clean your room? You know how she will starting throwing your crap into the trash? THAT is what hurricanes look like to me.

So stop pissing off your Mother. Do Better.

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