My Junk, Your Treasure

Have you ever had a garage/yard sale? In the US there are actually groups of people that find treasure hunting at garage sales a hobby or a passion. They love digging through other people’s castaways and finding something unique. Sometimes it is so they can resale and sometimes it is because they are trying to complete a collection. Pre-COVID we had a lot more of these sales popping up, but now it’s a little different.

When I was younger, my Mother discovered she could make quite a bit of money selling in flea markets. Flea markets are like mini malls of stalls where everyone rents a space and brings their wares. Starting in Spring and not ending until it got bitter cold, mom would pack her car up to the gills and drag me along as free labor. I learned money math and how to talk to strangers. It was miserable at first but I got used to it and I was a big help to mom. My younger sister mostly just asked for snacks and ran around getting in trouble. Come to think on it, she was wicked smart to get out of it. LOL

I rarely have yardsales myself. I took clothes and toys to Kid to Kid, a company that would buy current kids stuff and then resell. I did not make as much this way, but it was great to just take them bins of items and get money in return. Their rejects would be donated to a thrift store. This way, I got a bit of my money back with very little effort. I also would have a big moving sale each time we moved. It was a great way to get rid of anything we really didn’t want to haul. Those brought is a lot of money so they were definitely worth the effort.

We have lived in our current home for many years and I think I’ve had two yard sales. One was to participate in the community wide one with the subdivision. That was a waste of time so I will not be repeating that again. Another was so that the girls could raise money for their Girl Scout Silver/Gold Award projects. Tomorrow I am going to have one since the weather will be awesome. I plan to try to get rid of all that is left of my father’s stuff, some of my mother’s stuff and of course things the kids have tired of. Oh yes, my teens will be up bright and early to help me. They will live through it just like my sister and I did. Summer tries to be like her Auntie and get out of it but thanks to my sister, I am onto the tricks. LOL

Once again, I will sell what I can and donate the rest. I will be open from 8am – 11:30 am. People gasp and say that is too short but I’m too old for this shit, and I know the hard core buyers come early. A few of my friends are posting the yardsale on their Facebook accounts and I put an ad on our local craigslist and even announced that if they are part of a nonprofit organization they can come at 11am and haul off whatever is left. I did that last time and we only had a bag or two to donate after. My goal is to declutter. The main rule is nothing that is put out for yardsale comes back into the house.

Thanks to JoAnne, I even made a eye catching yard sale sign that is sure to stop traffic!

Wish me luck~

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