Sleep Study: The Final Chapter

I finally have my CPAP machine. Thanks to COVID/DELTA everything moves at a snail’s pace in the medical world. After my final study I was fitted with a surprisingly comfortable “mask” that goes on below my nose. It did not trigger my claustrophobia so that is a plus. It is uber quiet and I get to try it out for the first time tonight!

I had to go in person to a how to session and all the appointments near me were booked up until OCTOBER! Can you believe it? Apparently CPAPs are so hot right now. LOL I drove a little further to a Durham site. They asked me to come 10 minutes before and I did and then had to wait until 10 after the appointment time to be seen. That bugs the hell out of me. If you are going to ask me to come 10 minutes BEFORE my appointment then you need to be ready at the time of my appointment. RESPECT MY TIME!

Sorry for the mini tirade. I think I am on edge because I was so triggered by all the help the sick and dying people merchandise. There was a bed just like the one my dad used, his walker, his cane, the bathroom assistant supplies. I had to step outside and have a good cry. Watching your father die of cancer does something to you. I had to do some deep breathing to make myself go back in. My sister told me to get out of there via text but I was afraid the insurance company would not cover it if I did not go through the stupid training so I dealt with it.

Anyhoo, there were three of us in “class” and sure enough the dude explained everything that I could have gotten out of my manual and/or the videos they provide. I’m sure it was just another hoop to jump through for insurance. I’m becoming a surly biddy in old age. hahahahahahah!

The guy to my farthest left was on edge claiming he just NEEDS TO SLEEP. He is a mechanic and he was falling asleep everywhere and he was desperate. The lady in the middle was quite a bit older than us and said her husband loved his and she was looking forward to using hers. She sounded way too excited. Then there is me. I do not have the more obvious signs of sleep apnea but I have ALWAYS suffered from poor sleep since I was a baby. So if this helps then I am on board.

When I opened my package, I noticed mine had flowers. It was the HER version. The other two got the normal stark black version just like my husband’s. All our masks were different but the machine was the same. At least it wasn’t PINK. Since my husband has one too I guess it is good that we have two different ones?

So feminine and so pretty LOL

As he explained how to clean the machine daily/weekly/monthly I realized it was a miracle my husband had not gotten a fungal infection or some other bacterial infection. I hope he is cleaning his machine when I’m not looking because I don’t know if I have seen him clean it on more than two occasions in 3 years. It is good to know that it did not kill him though. But I am such a clean freak when it comes to personal cleanliness I don’t even share bath towels with my husband or children. So I will have a strict cleaning regiment for my machine.

The tense man to the left of me is expecting a miracle or some sort of amazing experience with his CPAP. The older lady just seems enamored with the new equipment. Me? I’m not sure what to expect. I’ll just have to try it and see, I reckon. Stay tuned.

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