The Not So Common Cold

My youngest woke up with a sore throat. She had no fever but did have a runny nose. She felt tired and was not as bubbly as she normally is. Pre-pandemic, I would have given her an ibuprofen for her throat pain, made her some hot herbal tea and sent her off to school with a box of tissues and told her to tough it out. Unless my kid is feverish, vomiting or having diarrhea they go to school, damn it!

Not any more. My first thought was – what if it is COVID? I was not thinking she would die – she is vaccinated and very healthy and young. However, I was concerned that she would spread it to her teachers (one of them pregnant) or her classmates. I did not want to take that chance. So I called the pediatrician and they fit us in for an appointment at 1:30 PM.

The COVID tests are less uncomfortable now, thank goodness. You do not get a free lobotomy as they do not have to shove it up high enough to activate the tear glands. Now it is like a very soft bristle brush and the doctor just swirled it around the nostrils. I love it when scientists figure out how to make tests less uncomfortable. Now, if they can come up with something like a spit test for strep, I will be so glad.

She missed school on Monday of course as she was being tested. She missed Tuesday while we waited for results. It was negative for COVID. Whew. The doctor felt that she WAS INDEED UNWELL though – probably just a common cold. You know, due to the lockdown, the quarantining and the general not going out much, my kids have not had the “common” cold for almost two years. TWO years! Maybe the cold was common because everyone was careless. For our family the mask is going to save us a lot of lost time at work, school and discomfort. So, covid or not, I will continue to wear my mask while out in public. People can stare all they want.

Today, after getting the okay from the school to return her to school, I realized she was going to be very uncomfortable wearing a mask with a runny nose. She would have to take it off constantly to blow her nose which will welcome other viruses to rush in and infect her. So with the blessing of her principal she is staying home and catching up on homework. She goes to a really great school where the principal genuinely seems to care about his students. there is a teacher workday Thursday so that will give her 4 solid days to fight this cold. Hopefully on Friday she can return. If not, well, then she will stay home and get better. Maybe it is time for all of us to slow down and let our bodies heal so we don’t make anyone else sick. It needs to be a priority in my humble opinion.

Eww no, diarrhea should be at 100% ya’ll!

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