When Your Favorite BBQ Is No More

There are two types of people in the world. One type like JoAnne and I LOVE smoked meats. Oh my goodness how we both love pork barbecue. It seems fitting we are best friends since Koreans love their own style of barbecue and she loves the American version. With her, I have tasted all sorts of barbecue from all over North Carolina and we have found our favorite restaurants near and far. I will let her write about our beloved Woodland’s BBQ in another post.

I miss your barbecued chicken wings the most!

When I left the mountains to settle in the Triangle, I had a hard time finding a good barbecue joint. Yes, The Pit is famous and delicious but they are a tad too uppity for my taste. I like a more humble establishment. Luckily I have never had disgusting smoked/barbecue meats – even if I didn’t love it I could eat it and then complain about it later. LOL You know there is science behind all this – it is the SMELL that draws us to smoked meats. You know it’s all part of evolution. Early man discovered fire, they cooked their first meats and then is was love at first bite.

The BEST barbecue places live in my heart forever. Honorable mention goes to Wilber’s Barbecue of Goldsboro, NC. They opened in 1962 and it is a must visit spot that has been through a lot of up and downs. When you Google it, you will see what I am talking about. It is an interesting research you will not regret. I was introduced to the place by my boyfriend of the time and that is the one good thing he did. I had many splendid belly burgeoning meals there when I lived on the coast. They too have struggled to stay open even before COVID.

We have SO MANY restaurants in the Triangle but there was absolutely no better place for smoked meats than Smokey’s BBQ Shack. I truly do not remember who told me about it first because SO MANY PEOPLE love this place. It is aptly named because it truly is a SHACK. Their saying, ” The BBQ rocks and so do most of the tables” is very on the nose.

My “brother”, husband and I had plans to eat at Smokey’s for lunch tomorrow. Ever being the planner, I decided to look at their menu and see if I needed to deviate from my usual order. I was shocked to see the dreaded words for every foodie – PERMANENTLY CLOSED. What the literal F^@#?!? Damn you COVID (and DOT)! I saw this notice:

I’m officially in mourning

For more than FOURTEEN years this establishment has been serving some of the best smoked meats in this area and they had to close because of several factors including not being able to get the supplies they needed. THIS IS A TRAGEDY. What is worst is that since I am not on Facebook or any social media, I totally missed their last day. =(

My hope is that they will find a new place to open or at least do a food truck, but until then I am back to square one in finding a favorite place. First Woodland’s and now Smokey’s. I am shaking my fist at the sky! If you have a favorite smoked meats joint, please leave a comment for this grieving glutton.

Also, PLEASE support small businesses as many are still struggling.  If you do not want your favorite place to close, gather all kinds of people and buy something! Be kind and patient with the waitstaff/servers/counter staff as many restaurants are operating under very short-staffed conditions. Tip heavy.

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