Control Freak?

If you know me even a tiny bit you know I like to have organization and control in my life. I like to plan, I like things to be orderly and in their proper place, I hate surprises and I think I’m being spontaneous when I plan only 3 days ahead. So, it is no surprise that people have called me a “control freak” from time to time. A few have called me that to pain me but most people just say it without thinking because we’ve all called someone that right?

Try Googling another word for control freak and you will find these terms:

absolutistBig Brother
slave driveroppressor
and there are 51 more if you need other ones!

I am not afraid to list my faults. I have many. One of them is the need to control things in my life. When I was a child I had no control. My mother was a narcissist who physically, emotionally and verbally abused me for too many years. She would disrupt my sleep only to yell in my face and remind me how much I had ruined her life. In order to cope I made sure my room was always neat, my handwriting was impeccable, my grades were as perfect as I could manage, my clothes were always clean, my room was always organized, etc. Sure sounds like a control “freak” right?

As a parent I do tend to be overly helpful. I conscientiously try not to dictate everything but I make sure they learn everything so they can be independent people who will be good roommates, partners or spouses. I don’t want my kid to be THAT person who is told, “your mother does not work here”. LOL So sometimes I am told I am a control freak.

That’s not my bag baby – really! I hope people will realize that I am only overly responsible, obliged to do things for people, I’m a compulsive cleaner and that I really do want other people to take the helm and do a good job at whatever they choose to do.

I guess I think control freak is an overly harsh term. So next time you feel like calling someone OCD, a control freak, a neat freak or whatever else, take a breath and think about what it is you are really trying to say and see if there is a gentler way to get your ideas across. The world freak should be saved for the truly freaky like those people who

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