The Karen Haircut

Menopause marches on even though my periods have stopped for over a year. Apparently you can have these damn hot flashes FOREVAH! First a woman is premenopausal, perimenopausal and then finally in menopause. According to my not so thorough research on THE INTERNET, during the menopause transition women often have changing menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness, hot flashes or flushes and/or chills. I can check all those off on MY list! Oh, yeah and we can have problems with sleep. Great. So do I have sleep apnea or is it just because of my menopause? SO MANY SYMPTOMS at the same time! Oh, and. . .and. . .ome of these symptoms happen all the time while others come and go. How fun is that? I just said to someone, hey I think the flashes are gone and damn if they did not return and this time Black Cohosh is not relieving it at all. Also, it is different for each woman but usually lasts about 5 years. FIVE years? Who has time for that?

I’m sorry that was just supposed to be an introductory sentence into my blog for today but it became a rant. I’m so sorry. Let’s blame menopause.

SO, because I’m hot all the time I decided to cut my already short hair shorter because I’m just hot and my hair gets sweaty and I hate everything. Have I mentioned I’m hot all the time? I’ve had all different lengths of hair and short is not my jam but I am so desperate. If I had a prettier head, I swear to every deity I would have shaved it to a buzz cut but I am sane enough to know that is not a good thing so I got this instead:

I sent photos of it to my baby sister and she said, “cute!” When she says cute I’m not really sure if she is just being kind or being serious. Then she adds that her mother in law got the same hair cut. Good thing I think her MIL is awesome and beautiful. Otherwise that would be an insult. It’s good to know I’m not the only one cutting off my hair. (giggle)

I visited one of my BFFs and she NEVER LIES TO ME. I love that about her. This is not shade, this is not a thinly veiled complaint. She said nothing while we were visiting so that spoke volumes but I could not leave that alone. So, I said, “What do you think about my OMG I am so hot so I had to cut my hair menopause hair cut?”. She looked at it and said, “It’s not one of your best ones. It’s kind of Karen”. OMG I didn’t mean to but when I look back at the photos I can see what she is talking about. Noooooooo! I had even joked to the hairstylist NOT to give me a KAREN.

I thought I had done a good job picking out photos of hair styles that reflected what I was going for. I told her that I DO NOT WANT to use products or style my hair. I just want to wash and go. I was pretty pleased when I left although I was thinking my sides would be cut shorter. But I figured I can always go back in 4 weeks and have her cut it shorter if I want.

To me the Karen is this cut:

I’m not blonde so I thought I would be safe but when I got home I looked long and hard at my style and thought. DAMN it, it does favor the KAREN. So today, I decided to add some purple (I like blue but I had a half a bottle of purple lying around so yeah, I make great decisions right now) LOL. That will differentiate me from the Karen right?

I’m putting my bangs behind my ears for now and then in a few weeks I’ll get it layered so it just looks like this:

I’ll do a part two and let you compare. I’m not hurt at all by what my BFF said. I love her with all my heart and she is one of the only people in my life that I know for a fact will be honest with me and she knows what I can handle and what I can. So if she says it looks like a Karen then BY GOD it does. LOL

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One thought on “The Karen Haircut

  1. LOL! I have yet to see a Karen with purple or blue hair so you should be good. I agree with your assessment on what a Karen cut looks like though. I remember when everyone was doing theirs like the one with all those kids who now apparently hate her. I wonder if all their kids hate them too now? Ahaha. Hope your hot flashes mellow out, they are the WORST. 🙂

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