The Karen Hair Cut Part 2

I shared with you that my last hair cut was not to my liking. I am not blaming the hair dresser. She did a good job. She listened to what I wanted and created the hair cut I asked for. The problem was that I don’t know what I’m talking about. LOL

Today, after planting some bulbs for Spring, I took a shower and headed back to Great Clips. I was hoping the same gal would be there but she wasn’t but maybe that was just as well. I drew a cutie pie young lady who also had short hair. Hers was in tight curls that she had dyed red so of course SHE looks fabulous.

I explained clumsily what happened and this time I told her WHY I was cutting my hair. I’m hot. No, not that kind of hot. I am literally hot. Because of menopause my basal temperature goes up and down and it is uncomfortable. I am wearing as little as it is decently allowed and I have a fan running on me off an on all day. I need as much hair off of me as possible.

I know this is not a flattering haircut on me but it’s short and it feels cool AND now it does not look like a Karen. I look more like a Butch, John or Ralph – but no one hates them so I’ll settle for that. I really wish I had a nice shaped head – I would so go bald right now and get a mehndi tattoo on it. Oh if I was so brave.

I’ll just wear cute hats if I feel like being cute or I’ll dust all my shiny earrings to draw everyone’s eyes to something else. No, I’m not going to wear makeup – do you know how hot that is? Hair grows back out. Maybe by the time it does I will not be so desperately uncomfortable.

So here is the result. You have my full permission to laugh, shake your head or say “Bless Her Heart”.

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Loyal. Funny. Sensitive. Loving.

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