Zero to 100

I have not been very active for a few months. I have been dealing with some things at home and I have allowed myself to chauffeur the kids, do my chores and then pretty much just sit and brood. Of course that is bad for me and of course I gained 15 lbs. Duh!

I had an annual physical with a midwife – isn’t that cool? My gynecologist left DUKE and I was paired with her and I thought, why do I need a midwife at 53? Turns out she can do anything a GYN can except surgery. Sold! She is super nice so that is a bonus.

I felt really good after talking with her so I texted my favorite walk/talk friend and we made plans for a walk. We mean to do it often but we normally fit one in every 2-3 months or so. I walked to her house which meant a 20 minute slow walk – you know to warm up. Then she and I walked for probably another 30 minutes? Then we stood in the shade and talked and talked and laughed and cried. The boy biking past us doing his 10 laps probably thought we were nuts. We were there until his 6th pass if that tells you how long we gabbed. Of course I cheered for him and counted along. If you know me you know I could not resist yelling, “You can do eeeeeet!” Then I walked another 20 minutes home.

Walking over an hour after being couch potato was like going from zero to 100. It felt GREAT at the moment but I started getting sore around bedtime. I took some ibuprofen and this morning I am so stiff. I hope this is a new cycle for me though. I know, I know – I’m too old for this shit but I love walking and it is Autumn and perfect for walks. I actually like walking in the winter too.

Today I will let my body heal and do some yoga stretches but starting tomorrow I will try to do daily 30 minute walk. Wherever you are, cheer me on – I need it. I hope you are all having the best day you can. Thanks for reading my ramblings. It means a lot to me.

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4 thoughts on “Zero to 100

  1. I know exactly what you’re going through except I only did a short hike after gaining 25 lbs this year and doing barely any endurance exercises. I thought walking to the henhouse or pulling weeds was keeping me in shape but nope! I’m procrastinating getting on my treadmill right now by typing this comment lol. Hope you can find your rhythm and stick to it. 🙂

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