First OVERNIGHT School Trip

OMG it has been almost two years since my 15 year old has been on any sort of school trip. I have enjoyed not having to get up at some insane hour to put her on a cramped bus so she can have a hurried and usually poorly planned field trip. I do not miss those.

There are some terrific opportunities for kids to travel safely though. Girl Scouts trips in the past have been better organized and great exposure for her. This year her Robotics team, THE ROBODOGS, will be going on their first overnight competition. For most of the students it will be their first overnighter so she will not be alone in that experience.

Her team coach is uber careful and beyond trustworthy so for once I have no qualms about the safety protocols of the pandemic. Every single person is vaccinated, they will have taken a COVID test as a precaution and masks are mandatory so it is not going to be any safer than that.

Parents nor any spectator is allowed at this meet to keep the chances of spreading COVID to a minimum. We will be watching via live feed from home. I am happy to comply as this means she will take a closer step to “normalcy” for her. I hope she has a blast.

If you have a budding engineer, mechanic, digital artist or science/math geek as a kiddo, look into your local FIRST robotics team. Most are affiliated with a particular school but there are some that accept any student from a certain geographical location. You can also start your own. This program is project bases and hands on. The program is designed to inspire innovation and teach kids how to truly work together. They are not forced in groups like in schools – it is much more organic and student led. I have seen my very shy, quirky anti social daughter blossom (ever so slowly) into a more confident one.

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