Not mom’s birthday party

Mom’s birthday is in October. My siblings wanted to visit for her birthday, but she said it was too cold then, and she’d rather have them come in September.

So we went ahead planning the trip, based around the idea that we were celebrating her birthday a month earlier.

I started planning a picnic with all our cousins, who we don’t get to see nearly often enough. But having Bobby and Desna in town is a great excuse to get together.

I set up an event in Facebook, and called it something about mom’s early birthday party.

And mom threw a fit – because her birthday is in October, not September. It was NOT her birthday.

So I changed the name, like it really mattered, because all we wanted to do was hang out with our cousins.

Anyway, we had a very nice time catching up with them, and reminiscing about the shit they all got into when they were young, and laughing and eating. (And I say they, because I’m the youngest of all, and I have a lousy memory, so I just listen to them. )

And Desna made a cake for mom.

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One thought on “Not mom’s birthday party

  1. That cake is EVERYTHING. LOL Aren’t parents funny? I swear the older they get the more petulant they become – like we were as kids. You know what though? LET THEM. They deserve to pout now and then because they worked hard enough all their lives. I hope everyone enjoyed the picnic.

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