We’re the type of family that always played games.

All those great board games – Clue, Monopoly, Trouble, Masterpiece, card games – you name it, we probably played it.

So we were hanging around just chatting one evening, and Desna brought out “Jenga” cats. We had so much fun trying to balance those stupid cats!!

And then we played Bullshit, and Yahtzee, and maybe some other games. Bobby had an incredible run in Yahtzee, and got 2 yahtzees and pretty much everything else you could get in that game.

So this post isn’t really about what games we played, as much as it’s about how playing games is a chance to relax, and poke a little fun at each other, and laugh at how stupid we can be.

It’s a chance to bond as friends and family, and acknowledge how the act of playing a game is SO much more important than who wins or loses.

If your family plays, keep doing it! It’s one of the few things I remember was an important part of growing up, and I think families that don’t play games are really missing out on a great bonding experience.

And if your family doesn’t play games, I would suggest you give it a try.

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2 thoughts on “We’re the type of family that always played games.

  1. Some families probably get in a row playing games LOL My little family of 4 really enjoy it and now that the youngest is 12 she is really competitive. In our house we do not do anything to help someone win but we also do not tease each other if we lose. We have more games in our house than many small toy stores. We like board games and video games and I think games can be a commonality for people from all walks of life. PS I need to know where to buy that cat Jenga!


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