Not what we had planned…

We had made arrangements to visit my friends in Hendersonville, and we were going to visit a pinball museum (where you pay a flat fee and play as much as you want) and then Bobby was going to have a chance to ride his mountain bike up to a waterfall.

It was all part of our devious plan to make him fall in love again with the mountains, and want to move back home.

Unfortunately, we were foiled by the very reason our mountains are so green and lush – the rain.

So we all ended up at a craft studio, the kind where you paint pottery and they fire it. Except this one had fused glass.

So you cut up bits of glass, and create a design on another piece of glass. And then they fire it so all the bits fuse together.

It was fun, especially hanging out with friends and family.

We haven’t gotten the finished products yet, so I’ll post those pics later.

So about the rain… to us, 2 days of rain out of 2 weeks was amazingly great weather. To our brother from San Diego, 2 days of rain was 3 days too many. So our idea of getting him to move back East, to be closer to us was foiled. But at least I think it helped him appreciate the weather in San Diego a bit more, and remember why he ended up living there to begin with.

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