I Grew Cabbage

You might remember from my gardening post in the spring that I bought 2 cabbage plants, that actually turned out to be a bunch of cabbage plants. And I planted them all. It took up 2/3rds of one of my raised beds. And then when they grew, it was obvious that I should have planted them with more room, because they were too crowded.

But despite that, they did well. And by well, I mean they grew into big heads, that were apparently loved by many bugs.

I decided to harvest them, and see if there was anything salvageable of these big heads. And honestly, the amount of holes and bugs – I was about ready to dump them all. But I kept peeling off leaves and washing off bugs, and eventually got down to a section that seemed pretty good.

So after cleaning up all the heads, and leaving them to soak in a bucket of water to drown any remaining bugs, I decided to try making sauerkraut.

Using info from several websites, and using a Ball fermentation lid (I may receive a kickback if you use my link!) I cleaned, chopped, salted, and packed up a quart jar of sauerkraut. Traditionally, kraut is done by the 25 pounds, and packed into huge crocks. So these new Ball lids are pretty cool, because they make small batches so much more doable.

At least I hope – we’ll see in a few weeks how it turns out.

But wait, there’s more! More cabbage that is. So I thought, what the hell, let’s try making Kimchi. So again, gathering info from several websites, I chopped up and salted the cabbage, ground up a spicy paste, and combined that with some onions and carrots, and crammed it all in a jar with another Ball fermentation lid. It smells good, but maybe a little strong on ginger. It should only take a week or two, so we’ll see how it turned out pretty quickly. I actually ended up with 2 jars of kimchi.

Beautiful jars.

But wait, there’s more! Yes, I still had cabbage left. So I made a big batch of cabbage beef soup. And then I found a webpage that said you could freeze cabbage, so now there’s a gallon size bag of frozen chopped cabbage in my freezer.

So – I actually got a lot of stuff out of those little cabbage plants. Would I grow cabbage again? Hell no!!! I hated how much space they took, and I hated having to clean those heads. If the sauerkraut and kimchi turn out well, I’d happily make them again – but I would go to the store and buy a nice head of cabbage to start with.

Tomatoes and squash are worth growing. Cabbage – not so much. IMHO.

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One thought on “I Grew Cabbage

  1. First yay for gardening adventure. Two, there is never too much Ginger in kimchi. LOL Third – yeah too many bugs love cabbage and if you are doing organic gardening you are better off with other things. I can’t wait to try your kimchi!

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