I repacked it in smaller jars so it would fit in my fridge.

The recipe I used for kimchi says to let it ferment 1-2 weeks. It’s been 10 days, so I figured I should check it out.

I love Korean food, and joke that I’m half Korean, since the sister of my heart is half Korean. But deep down, I know I’m not- because I don’t actually like kimchi.

And thus, my current problem.

How do I test my kimchi to see if it’s done, if I don’t really know how it should taste?

Of course, I tasted it. It’s not bad. A little strong on the ginger, and quite a bit spicier than I would choose, although I only added about 1/4 the amount of red pepper flakes (gochugaru) that the recipe called for.

But I don’t know if it’s fermented enough. I don’t know how it’s supposed to taste.

Fortunately, I’ll be going to visit Bridgette in about a week. I look forward to her input.

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