Sauerkraut and Reubens.

I have decided my sauerkraut is finished. At any rate, when I opened it and smelled it, it smelled sour. In a good way. I guess maybe it could have fermented longer, but I’m not a big fan of strong kraut anyway.

My boss got a 8 gallon tub of Bavarian potato salad from a customer, and gave me some. So I figured that means it’s time to make Reuben sandwiches.

A Reuben, of course, is just a grilled cheese in disguise. For my opinion on grilled cheese, check out:

So I made Reubens with my fresh out of the jar sauerkraut. And they were good.

Was the sauerkraut good? Yes, I enjoyed it very much. My guy said it was good. My mom, as usual, thought it didn’t have much flavor. Whatever.

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One thought on “Sauerkraut and Reubens.

  1. I like cabbage in all forms so I am sure it was good. I do like a good sauerkraut. Hmmm now that I am not eating meat, I will have to look up a recipe for a vegetarian Reuben.


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