Teenagers’ Halloween

Halloween was busy and it came and went. This year I was not feeling up to decorating so I didn’t. The kids did not seem to mind. At 12 and 15 they have finally realized that if they want something they might have to do it themselves so they kept quiet. LOL I raise smart kids. Haha. No one was harmed in the making of this real life situation.

I put the brakes on trick or treating at age 12 at my house. I just think that it’s kind of sad to see teenagers walking around raiding candy bowls and then little ones show up to find nothing. I think there are plenty of things teens can do besides trick or treat. Just my opinion. So this year, vaccinated and feeling safer, we put individually wrapped fruit jellies and fruit roll ups out hoping that would deter the greedy teens – did not work. They were like crows. LOL

For my teens’ pleasure we had a fire-bowl and they invited one friend each to come join us. It was the perfect chilly but not too cold night to enjoy a fire and each others’ company. To stay COVID safe, we had individually bagged chips and treats and it worked out well. From 7pm-9 pm we played video games projected onto a screen and had great conversations. In addition, we got to see a few neighbors who dropped by and lot of kids dressed in great costumes.

My oldest dressed up as a character from Hero Academia, her latest manga passion. She threw together stuff from home and as you can see by the photos was spot on! I love that she does not shy away from dressing as a male character. My youngest donned a hand made Renaissance/Medieval dress that JoAnne handed down to us. It’s hard to believe my kiddo can fit into it already. She loved how comfortable it was an commented many times that Aunt JoAnne did an amazing job on the costume and that it was so much more comfortable than store bought ones. As luck would have it, one of her besties dressed up as a plague doctor so they looked like they planned to match.

Our video game set up attracted a lot of onlookers and one brave? soul even came right up to our camp. I’m pretty sure he would have sit in with us if invited. I think every single kid is dying for some interaction at this point. Overall, I thought it was a pleasant way to spend Halloween and we may repeat next year if the weather agrees.

I do so love Halloween. Even though my Halloweens are different with children, I have enjoyed making them costumes, party foods and crafts over the years. I have to admit though that I like it takes less for them to be entertained. I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween as well. Thank you for reading our blog!

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