Now the apples

My freezer is full of tomatoes. And blueberries and string beans. And some actual food for eating.

My guy’s freezers are full of grapes. I estimate around 50 pounds of them. They got ripe so quickly, and all at once, I felt lucky to be able to get them sorted and cleaned, bagged up and frozen. When I get a minute to breathe, I’ll start juicing them.

And now the apples are ripe. There is no more freezer space. So I’m trying to process them as I go, since I can’t freeze them and worry about it later, and since they hold up in cool weather a little bit without rotting.

I made a run of applesauce. Mom loves it with ham and pork chops, and it’s handy to have around for recipes like carrot cake.

I made 2 batches of apple butter… Mmmm.

I’ve made a ton of dried apples. I like them, because they are easy, and once finished take up very little space. And Mom loves to munch on them. I just wish our dehydrator held more – or that it didn’t take so long to dry them. But that’s kind of the whole point of drying something.

I’ve got 2 more tubs of apples in the living room – this afternoon I hope to start juicing them. Eventually I’ll use the juice for jelly, or Mom will drink it – she loves an apple/grape juice blend. And I’ll actually use the leftover juiced apple pulp, and turn it into more apple butter.

Last year I wasn’t able to can everything I wanted to, because there was a shortage of canning lids. Thanks to a surprise find by a good friend, my lid problems have been solved. But now, I’m discovering I don’t have enough of the 1/2 pint jelly jars. So it’s time to start stalking the canning aisles at all the stores I go to, again. Fortunately, the jars are a little bit easier to find than the lids.

The fun never ends!

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2 thoughts on “Now the apples

  1. Mom is lucky to have you (in more ways than food)…however, she is lucky to get to eat the fruits of your labor that are fresh and made with love and minimal processing.

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  2. I am lucky to be a recipient of the glorious apple butter made by JoAnne – I dip sweet potato fries into the apple butter and it is a meal in itself!


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