Fall Foliage

Our mountains are well known for having beautiful foliage during the fall.

I’m actually not a big fan. The tourists completely take over our town. Between that and the local college football games, there are weekends where we just don’t leave the house. Or if we do, it’s easier to head to a nearby town rather than tackle the traffic in Boone.

And the foliage – there is usually one day when it really looks impressive, usually during the second week of October. And then we’ll have a wind/rain storm, and it knocks them all off, and there’s nothing left but soggy leaves all over everything. And yet the tourists still keep coming, for the whole month, and pointing at the few sad leaves that are left, and think it is amazing.

But this year – wow. This year has been different. This year, we didn’t have a storm to knock off the leaves. This year, they are actually amazing. I haven’t gone leaf looking – I’m just driving to work. And yet, everywhere I look I see more bright, vibrant leaf color than I think I’ve ever seen in the 50 years I’ve lived here.

I find myself turning into a “looky loo” and not paying attention to my driving. Oops – I’m as bad as the tourists.

I took all these pictures, from my car, whilst parked here and there. I didn’t do anything stupid.

I took them between Oct 28-30, so obviously, the leaf season has lasted much longer than usual.

I can only imagine what sort of pictures I could have taken, if I had actually gotten out and walked into the woods. But it doesn’t matter. I have truly enjoyed this fall leaf season more than any other.

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One thought on “Fall Foliage

  1. I do love the fall coat nature puts on in the mountains. I worked in the tourist industry for a hot minute in Boone and I will never forget someone calling to complain because she had spent so much money booking a week in Boone for “leaf season” and a storm came and knock them all down. Sigh.


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