Too Cold For A Firebowl?

That looks ridiculous typed out but that is exactly what happened this past weekend. For my 54th birthday I just wanted a few friends around a roaring fire outside, sipping spirits and playing some silly board games. I got two out of three so I really have nothing to complain about.

JoAnne and her guy drove all the way to my neck of the woods and we decided it was too darn cold, wet and windy to be outside even with a fire. My younger sister stepped up and allowed us to hang out in her house. It was a first for many of us. Even though we are all vaccinated, it was weird being in a crowd of 7 indoors. It was also very nice. I missed seeing my other BFF but she had a death in the family and could not be with us.

We kept it easy with pizza, nibbles and Sangria punch. We played Cards Against Humanity because . . . we are “horrible” people? (LOL). My sister’s cats were not sure why there were so many humans in their home but eventually warmed up to us by the end. My heart was filled with love, my belly was filled with food and my head was filled with alcohol fumes so it was a good night of company for me.

I could kick myself for not taking a group photograph – but you know, we are all off “practice” of how to even B E around people much less remember to take a bunch of photos. I am hoping this is the beginning of more in person situations. I am not going to call it “back to normal” because I don’t know if that exists anymore.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to wear my mask when I shop from now on. I have not had a cold in so long I LOVE it! I also think I am over doing things with a crowd of people. I am enjoying the more intimate gatherings now. I also enjoy doing quiet things alone more often.

I realized this weekend that I am extremely lucky to be loved by these fantastic humans. I don’t think I deserve them. Thank you all for making my 54th birthday one of my best!

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